domenica 17 febbraio 2013


Se non fossi impegnato allora stasera andrei a sentirla al lume di candela.

The river waters were born
To fall from a great height
Arc white lightening storm
To a mist of a thousand lights

Force and flow carve the stone
To deep and a dark pool
Under there's a cavern
Where the thunder and the throbbing
Spin the water to a silent silver spool

Where we lay

Our bodies soft as the earth
Our nerves the alive roots
Channelling the stream of love
The cascading dream above
Tenderly emerging leafing shoots

We arise to the open
Up where the rocks stand tall
To the roaring power of surrender
Of our waterfall

Sheng shui

We climb up the current
Follow the curving course
By a guiding hand
The contour of the land
Seeking the source

When the heavens they open
Alighting little spheres upon our skin
Cloud to rain to aquifer
Spring to ocean
The water of life within

Sheng shui

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